We provide cutting tools for deep hole drilling applications. These BTA tools are widely used in shock absorbers/suspension system manufacturing for motorcycle & automobiles worldwide

Form-cutting tools are specially designed for shaping and molding materials that require high-speed, high-temperature processing, to produce specific shapes and geometric shapes.

We provide customized service under your request.
External turning tools/Internal turning tools/Cartridges/Tapping tools are also available.

Our End Mills are suitable for high hardness cutting process.
Cutter for Molds Chamfer Tool / Cutter for Aluminum Side /Solild End mill/ Brazed End mills etc.

A reamer is a type of cutting tool used to finish or enlarge holes that have already been drilled or bored in a workpiece, mainly to improve the machining accuracy of the hole and reduce its surface roughness. It is used for fine machining and semi-finishing holes. Reamers are often used in conjunction with other cutting tools, such as drills and taps, to create precisely and accurately sized holes in workpieces. They are also used to repair or rework holes that have become damaged or out of tolerance due to wear or other factors.

There are several types of reamers, including straight flute, spiral flute, and composite drill and reamer into one
1. Straight flute reamers are used for finishing and enlarging straight holes
2. Spiral flute reamers are used for finishing and enlarging holes with a curved or angled path.
3. A composite drill and reamer is a cutting tool that combines high cutting efficiency, high machining accuracy, and low cost by integrating a drill and a reamer into one.


In manufacturing, a quality reamer is a tool that is able to produce precise and accurately sized holes with a smooth finish. It should be made of high-quality materials suitable for the type of material being machined, and it should be able to maintain its cutting edge for a reasonable amount of time without requiring frequent sharpening or replacement. We are the one that provides such high-quality reamers.

PCD (polycrystalline diamond) diamond blades are cutting tools made from a combination of polycrystalline diamond and a metallic substrate. They have high hardness and wear resistance, so they are often used to machine hard materials such as hard alloys、silicon carbide, and composite materials PCD diamond blades are commonly used in automated machinings, such as on CNC centers and lathes. They are also widely used in the automotive, aviation, chemical, and other industrial processing fields.

Customize your cutting tool ! Please offer us the following details

1. Type & function of the tool
2. Tool specifications, material and hardness of the workpiece
3. Quantity you need
4. Any additional description you want add