About us

Quality cuts start with quality tools

Yong Tong Yuh (YTY) specializes in designing, building, testing, and delivering an extensive selection of world-class cutting tools to help create excellent products. Our tools are all constructed in-house in our own manufacturing facilities and are always offered at unbeatable prices. Not only that but each one is backed by our exceptional product expertise as well as trustworthy and customer-oriented services.

We support customers in developing various special form tools, BTA  deep hole tools, turning tools, milling tools, drills, and reamers, and provide them with customized workpiece processing solutions. We focused on the Great South East Asia market. Our customers include publicly traded companies and leading companies across the medical, sports, electrical, automobile, telecommunications, and technology industry.

Quality tools are essential to ensure that all products are created to the highest standards of quality. For example, precision cutting tools can be used to accurately trim and shape materials, while measuring tools can check that pieces fit together properly. Quality assurance professionals may also use specialized testing equipment to check for structural integrity, durability, and other important factors. 

At Yong Tong Yuh (YTY), we are committed to providing our customers with the most advanced and highest-quality cutting tools for improved production efficiency and value creation. Our precision cutting tools are designed to optimize the productivity of industrial operations worldwide. We employ the latest technologies and innovative methods to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of excellence. 

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