2024 Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS 2024)

YTY Tools attended the 2024 Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS 2024) held on March 27th. The exhibition’s theme, “Dual-Axis Smart Manufacturing X Sustainable Future DX & GX for a Sustainable Future,” focused on digital transformation and green transformation, showcasing the latest machine tools, automation equipment, key components, and smart manufacturing technologies. Premier Chen Jianren was invited to attend the opening ceremony, and Vice President and President-elect Lai Ching-te also made an appearance on March 28th, affirming the government’s commitment to the machine tool industry.

The Three Key Points of Machine Tool Exhibition are:

Digital Transformation (DX) Process are on the way:

TMTS 2024 showcased new smart manufacturing technologies, including factory automation, data analytics, cloud computing, and human-machine collaboration, aiming to improve production efficiency and streamline workflows. YTY Tools participated in the digital transformation forum, discussing the latest technologies and applications of generative AI with industry peers, as well as topics such as efficiency, cybersecurity, and smart factories, while contemplating how companies can utilize AI to counter increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats. Additionally, the exhibition provided visitors with the TMTS APP platform for reserving Michelin restaurants and shuttle buses, as well as real-time booth navigation, offering an innovative experience.

Green transformation is imperative:

YTY Tools actively responds to the green transformation trend, committed to integrating intelligent energy management and adopting more efficient green processes. The company will upgrade its transformation from product design to recycled packaging materials, carbon reduction in transportation, and other aspects, aiming towards net-zero carbon emissions and ESG goals for sustainability. Additionally, with the imminent arrival of the European Union’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and the United States’ Clean Competition Act (CCA), machinery industry players will continuously seek innovation to further drive green transformation.

The highlights of the cutting tools industry:

The Taiwan Tool Pavilion brought together 34 member manufacturers occupying a total of 96 booths, serving as a platform for cross-disciplinary technical exchanges and industry alliances. These companies are dedicated to research and innovation, aiming to enhance cutting efficiency, extend tool life, and improve machining quality. Such platforms for technical exchange illuminate the tool industry’s efforts in technological innovation, digital transformation, environmental protection, sustainable development, industry collaboration, and expansion into international markets, further driving industry growth and innovation. YTY Tools, in particular, visited the booth of German WTO, Taiwan supplier KaiKO, which integrates renowned brands from Sweden, Germany, and other countries. They are committed to enhancing machining efficiency and providing customers with the best solutions in process technology to meet various industry needs. Given their strong capabilities in technology and product offerings, learning from and collaborating with such suppliers is highly worthwhile. Their integration of renowned brands from different countries and focus on improving machining efficiency and providing optimal solutions in process technology are invaluable for enhancing one’s professional knowledge and technical skills. Additionally, collaboration with such suppliers can promote mutual exchange and cooperation, further driving industry development.

Vicki Lee, manager at YTY Tools, stated, “TMTS 2024 is a crucial event for the global machine tool industry. Through our participation, we not only showcased YTY Tools’ latest technologies and products in cutting tools but also engaged in discussions with industry peers regarding the latest trends in smart manufacturing and green transformation. We believe that YTY Tools will continue to play a pivotal role in the cutting tool industry, providing customers with high-quality products and services.”


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